Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Building a Framework of Potentials and Probabilities

The influences of the past build the framework for the present. This process is called cause and effect. We have enormous talent stored as past experience within. Through desire and meditation, we can attune or awaken our past talents and utilize the past in the present. Influences of the past are always designed by individual will, desire and purpose in the present. In other words, if we make the effort through attuning our mind to the subconscious gains from the past, we can bring them forth in the present. In many ways, we begin this life where we left off in the past.

Our experiences do not determine who we are; it is our response to the experience that does. Many people think of karma as a debt. Not necessarily true. Karma is action and action is retained as memory. We have a gigantic pool of information stored in our subconscious. The soul constantly experiences the consequences of its previous choices. Some people do not accept the truth that all experiences are for our personal growth. Again, the impact is directly related to response. This hidden memory manifests through desire, feeling, attributes, fears, faults and shortcomings. Our assignment is to come to terms with the memory.

We never meet anyone by chance nor should our emotional reactions be ignored when meeting a person for the first time. Relationships are an ongoing learning and experiential process. If everyone could have a glimpse into their past relationships with current family and friends, they would be astounded. It is like we are constantly meeting the memory we have previously developed in relationships with others. So, where is the karma? Is it with the other person or is it with your self?

The pattern is one of meeting ourselves. This is true for both negative and positive patterns. We continue to be drawn toward specific souls, groups and situations to come to terms with our own karmic memory. For those of us who know that we live more than one physical life, cyclic patterns are clearly understood. Group karma is common. Whether the karmic action is individual or group energy, it could be an entanglement as lasting as thousands of years with the sole purpose of moving toward balance as an individuality.

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