Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is There a Giant Computer System Keeping Track?

We are familiar with the marvels of our personal computers. What about a computer system that keeps track of everything and everyone that has ever existed? Not only does this vast and accurate system have a record of history, it has countless videotape films and pictures that we can tap into if our spiritual senses are active. Some people refer to the objective records as the Akashic Records. These records are not physical nor are they confined to any particular place. They are everywhere. All we need to do is tune into them. Anything that is experienced whether it be a thought, word, desire or action creates a vibration. It remains forever in what is referred to as the unseen etheric energy. Energy leaves an imprint in time and space. The desires that placed the energy out there are also recorded.

Every experience we have can leave either a good or a bad impression. Our choices leave different impressions in the records. The giant computer system is similar to a vast subconscious. The subconscious can be accessed either consciously or unconsciously. The purpose of an accurate record is to actually help a soul in its personal growth and transformation. From my own experience and others, we are able to tap into the past, which can serve what is happening to us on many different levels here in the present. The universe is based on love and order. By keeping a record, we can go back in time and heal, forgive and release any activity that has hampered our balance and ability to live fully. The challenge is to be able to correctly interpret the records. One must be intuitive, open minded, objective and non judgmental. This can be tricky because it is typical to be heavily influenced by our own belief systems, backgrounds, experiences and personal motives.

In our original or natural state, we are spirit. To become individuals, we go through repeated personal experiences in matter. The One becomes two, physical/emotional and soul/spirit. Through the long process of becoming individual, loss of spirit identity commonly occurs. Whenever we move away from the center to the periphery, a certain amount of loss is experienced. Free will and the opportunities that come our way eventually help us to remember through an inner awakening and leads to a return in consciousness to the One. We are gathering enough experiences as a conscious creator to become an individual and yet through specific choices and memory the knowledge we gain leads us to wisdom. The wisdom leads to compassion and eventually to love. When the soul reaches this understanding of its primary essence, it realizes that the One, God, and self are the same even though it remains an individual.

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