Monday, May 11, 2009

The Challenge of Being Human

Many of us are challenged in our attempt to simply Be. If that isn't enough, we are challenged from every direction on actually achieving a state of balance as a human.
The good part is that the two challenges, spiritual and physical, are actually one. When we experience delight and fulfillment within, the peace and equanimity will manifest in the without. The goal is not to put on blinders nor is it a pacifier or euphoria. The ideal is to attain a steady knowing. We do not need to be an initiate of a mystery school to achieve a steady knowing. What is needed is a discovery of a Presence within and the allowing of the Presence to grow in the very core of ourselves.

There are millions of ways to speak the variations of this message and I probably have said them all. It is our responsibility to honor who we are, keep our spirit memory alive, let go of the worries and contingencies that oppress us and walk the talk, so to speak. Why not simply be who we are? Not so say. The mind is the bridge between absurdity and the grace that can be experienced in the human drama. We become active bridge builders when we embrace and live in one instant both the absurdity and the grace. It is possible...I know. At times, you will feel you are walking a tightrope. Keep focused. It is our intent and focus that creates a reality where we are consciously both fully human and fully divine.

Honor your story, your incarnation and your road of choice as you go through the process of radical transformation of your entire being. We are like half baked cakes. We were created to evolve. We evolve when we dare to open our minds and hearts to the teachings of the Living One. The best in us is God, so we cannot fall. Even though the material or emotional world may be falling all around you, do not worry. You have a greater wealth, the Everything waiting within. This understanding is my foundation. I know it works~

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