Friday, May 8, 2009

The Many Manifestations of Suffering

When we finally realize that it is up to us to stop suffering whether it is personal or impersonal, something good will transpire. Suffering is caused through ignoring universal law and not having access to spiritual knowledge. The consequence of spiritual ignorance and attachment to people, places and things results in sickness and death. Some people are just too lazy and prefer to remain in an attitude of complacency and refusal. If we know the truth, knowing implies that we must be responsible. It is a destructive choice to know and not take action. Not wanting to know what is real and what is false is failing the soul. The result is also destructive. A remedy is available at all times. We must learn how to see and hear and speak with our inner spiritual senses.

The teaching of immortality is to awaken. To be awaken is not to be totally dependent on the physical faculties. If you really want to understand anything, ask that your inner sight, hearing and speech be awakened. Suffering will stop when you spend quality time in contemplation and respect for Nature. Learn to sense through your soul. Then you will witness reality wherever you look. The choice is always yours. How shall you use intelligence and imagination? Give your path direction upheld by passion and love and suffering will eventually depart.

To be in harmony is what we desire. To create a conscious and loving relationship with the higher Nature is what we yearn for. It can be looked at as a musical relationship with the world, to enter into resonance, to be in tune with all that Is. When you live in fear, it is impossible to experience harmony. The same is true of sadness and doubt. It is when we feel divided that dualism controls us. We all desire peace but peace does not arrive on our doorstep until we are in harmony with ourselves. It is fruitless to try to harmonize with the world and others if our own consciousness needs a tune-up. Force your mind to reach higher levels. Honor who you are. Do not forget!

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