Thursday, May 7, 2009

Question to Ask Yourself-Do I Live That Intimacy?

We can live in an indescribable singular intimacy with the Divine when we restore ourselves to the lost parentage...the God within. What stops our progress is when we are caught in the weaknesses of persecution, slander, enemies and all sorts of abusiveness. As we learn to use challenges as an opportunity for growing in consciousness and love, a feeling of genuine intimacy evolves. When we consciously connect and live with the One, who is our inmost being, all goodness will guide us into the vibrant flow of intimacy with the Source. Humans for the most part feel a lack of Being. The fault lies in identifying with matter. If we leave, meaning the personality, God can enter. What we eventually learn to do is stand back and disconnect emotionally to the illusion and the ignorance of wrong identification.

When we are attached to the impermanent, the consequences of ignorance and attachment result in sickness and death. What we judge as evil and sin actually arise from the blamer in ourselves. The blamer is the slave, the victim, the darkness within; it is not being fed with light. The savior is also found within; it provides the source of knowledge. Negative fixations are a form of punishment intended to drive us back to awareness. Think about that one. Also, sadness is the most harmful of really does a number on the soul. Anger alienates and can bring a form of possession. Jealousy can be lethal; it is a form of murder. As humans, we remain trapped in dualism when experiencing these emotions.

Many people go through the motions connected with religion and they more than likely do not experience an intimacy with God. If the individual does not deeply love God, he or she is blocked from access to the higher wisdom. Intellectual knowledge is not where freedom is. There is and always has been a grotesque parroting of wisdom. Intimacy with the Divine is not possible. The soul is crippled. Madness can masquerade as wisdom. You will recognize true words inwardly. As more light is experienced and intimacy felt, an intuitive certainty and understanding of what the message truly is and what actually happened will be realized as an authentic transmission of love.

Have a sun filled weekend~
Much love...

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