Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So You Want To Be Enlightened

There is a sleeping God in the soul of every human. We have been given many ways as to how to awaken the sleeping divinity. The unfolding of our spiritual nature is as much an exact science as astronomy, medicine or law. It is not a haphazard journey based on a particular faith. It is a sacred science. The most priceless secret is understanding. All other things are impermanent. Understanding endures. The key lies in the power of knowing who we really are. When we know the one secret...who we are, we consciously and visibly are the one life, light and truth. Once we understand that the kingdom is both inside and outside of us, we can begin to return to the fullness of where we once were when this journey began. To return to the beginning is to attain the end. The goal is to return to our original face.

We cannot reach our goal until we are balanced. This means bringing the two principles...masculine and feminine together as one; it is not a gender issue. There is a light within you and that light is no part of the created world, as you know it. You bring out the light visibly and tangibly first through understanding. Once you understand that the very thing you crave you already are, you are on your way toward enlightenment. When you lack discrimination and have negative inclinations, you are enslaved. The spirit within has not been recognized. Lack of understanding, which is spiritual ignorance, generates illusions, attachments and therefore suffering. Ignorance is a sickness of the heart and mind and is accompanied by attachment. We are infinitely richer than that of any possession.

Before we can be free, ignorance must be removed. The following are seven of them.
1, Darkness, When we deny the Light, 2, Not understanding, 3, Ignorance of who we really are, 4, Jealousy, which is lethal, 5, Enslavement of the body through abuse and harmful habits, 6, Intoxicated wisdom, intellectual knowledge, books, pretence, not inner knowing, 7, Guileful wisdom, Teaching with deceit and not pure intention. When we remove the seven, we are freed from ignorance. The intent is to erase the false design through virtue of a higher design. Victory is knowledge of a truth that will make us free of attachments and identifications with that which we mistake for real

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