Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Do I Know What Is True?

When the subject is spiritual truth, reality is realized through the inner knowing, the Authority within. When the soul and mind are open and the vision experience of the Light is available to you, you will know with an intuitive certainty what is real, what the message truly is and what actually happened. This is an inner knowledge that manifests as intimacy, oneness and a sense of completeness as you. For the ancients, the soul included aspects of the mortal body, mind and emotions as well as something that transcends them. There is an intermediary reality between the physical and the sublime luminous spirit. I call it the Holy Spirit, the highest part of the mind. This is the region of the super mind, the hidden treasure.

It is through humanity that God is revealed. The greater the revelation, the more balanced we are. The ancient teachings contain the knowledge necessary for the reintegration of human beings with themselves and with their Source and Principle...the One. Humans have superimposed another nature, a less than nature, over their true and innocent condition. It is a covering made up of projections, assumptions and judgments that are more or less inherited from others. It is common for people not to examine or verify their beliefs. This is a sickness of intelligence as well as the heart. People espouse their perceptions of truth and usually are betraying truth. This is shortsightedness. Disorientation of desire, taking yourself for what you are not, and identifying yourself with an image that is usually false has and is a barrier in reuniting with our roots.

Reuniting with our roots is to return to our Source. The tricky part of the equation is that the true Source cannot be grasped by the thinking mind. We must develop the organ of subtle perception, a special faculty of attention. Contemplation, prayer and meditation will eventually lead you to that place in consciousness where you will hear with the inner hearing and be able to listen to the Silence. As our inner sight, hearing and attention are developed, we will not be misled. When we are vigilant, no one will mislead us. We will not allow pretenders in our lives. If a message is authentic, it will send us right back to the best part of ourselves. Sometimes, we must venture into the darkest rooms of our house and search in certain corners of the unconscious to uncover who we really are.

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