Friday, May 1, 2009

Do You Have An Adequate Supply of the Food of Happiness?

When we consciously walk in the Light, it is possible to experience actual happiness and in special moments...bliss. Whether we know it or not, we are all looking for happiness. It is a ceaseless search for our authentic being. When we are at peace with the world, and ourselves, happiness and even bliss are more likely to be experienced. It is our essential nature. The ideal for our soul evolution is to find the bliss of the Divine in our everyday life. What is greater or more powerful than to work consciously with Light?

In my opinion, we must first find genuine happiness. Eventually, happiness will lead to bliss and a universe that is magical. If we do not have personal happiness, it is because we have not full restored order and balance in our own lives. Once the balance is restored, it is possible to actually rejoice in our activities regardless of how mundane. We seem to be able to do them effortlessly with grace. I wrote the previous sentence a high Celestial note played in my left receiving ear. How can we have joy or happiness if we are not linked to the Divine? This is one explanation for the ongoing misery rampant on planet earth.

Happiness is the immortal nectar sought by the yogic alchemists. To remain nourished, we need an adequate supply of the food of happiness. Perhaps, more of us need to eat and drink light, the primordial food of the universe. One method is to do this through the Sun, a magnificent power symbol for the Celestial Light. The ego is the ultimate black hole. It sucks in light but emits none. The sun is the opposite of the ego. It continually offers life.

Sometimes, we obstruct our own happiness when we are overly critical of the patterns we have created and how we project ourselves. Harsh self-judgment or otherwise, invites negative intruders. Those of us who are seriously on the path of Self-discovery or soul healing tend to be overly critical of our behavior. Self-analysis is required for soul growth but we need to be kind and not over indulge in self-criticism. It can work against our purpose. When we have chosen to be actively involved in helpfulness toward others, we must also be wise and remember simplicity. It is very important to take time out whether it is for only a few hours or days. To remain balanced, we must allow our energies to recuperate. We have freely given to others; our nervous system demands that we give it rest. We are not designed to always be on the stage. For balance, it is necessary to also step into the 'wings'.

Increasingly, more souls are experiencing a natural and pure bliss in the crown center. The scriptural name, 'Blessed One', means the embodiment of bliss. Bliss is the delight and fulfillment of the Holy Spirit in us. To feel the bliss is like a caress of softness...a lightness that suggests the intimacy of oneness. When we are balanced and happy, it is easier to turn the mind and heart toward the higher Self within and feel the touch and presence of the Holy Breath. It is how we react when we are unhappy that is interesting to observe. To experience the Holy Spirit is to know, hear and see clearly. The awakened spiritual senses provide a means of direct communication and joy between the conscious thinking mind and the super conscious Spirit.

"Pleasure is the delight and fulfillment of the body
Happiness is the delight and fulfillment of the soul
Bliss is the delight and fulfillment of the spirit"

Author unknown

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