Monday, January 4, 2010

A Space of Hope

There is a time soon coming when people will have a greater grasp of what some of us have been teaching for many years. Although suffering is unnecessary from the highest perspective in order for the soul to evolve, it is obviously the subconscious choice of the majority of souls living on planet earth. The reason that more people will be ready to listen is that they have suffered far too long. The time we speak of is actually beginning to manifest in a way that is unexpected for many. To lose material goods, to lose health, to lose security and serenity, to doubt one's belief system and live in any measure of fear primes the individual for change. It becomes so uncomfortable for them, so uncertain, that they automatically but yet with some reluctance, allow new and expansive thoughts to gently push them through the already opened door to a grander view of who they are and the purpose of life.

It is a sign of weakness in consciousness that triggers nasty events both personal and collective. On planet earth, spiritual negligence, forgetfulness and laziness has been the pattern for thousands of years. Right now, in this moment, others and myself are suggesting a new pattern to people who are willing to listen and take heart through deep thinking, genuine feelings and positive action. People normally do not grasp a truth, a foreign idea, unless a very strong feeling and sound reasoning is a companion to the suggestion. For the next week or two, I will share my view on 2010 leading to 2012 and how we can merge together and create an enormous thought form of love. Are you with me?

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