Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Can You Do for Peace?

If you take the time to read this, you must for the sanctity of life, honor your own presence and love feeling the energy of goodness that surrounds you. By allowing yourself to feel and giving that feeling direction, you can heal others and bring a much needed peace to your environment, others and the world. Talking about peace does not do anything to shift the energy. It is in being the peace in moments of doubt or possible fear, in stress and lack and limitation. Real peace is yours at the center of your being. It waits to come forth as a stream of radiant light touching, transforming and enlightening all that it touches. You are the light. You are peace incarnate.

Peace is only an ideal or a word if you forget to implement its energy into your daily life. You are creating a new civilization, a new dimension of being when you remember to be peaceful.This means that you do not fall under the spell of the newscaster, the hypocrites, the spell binders who promote fear and falsehood. We can change anything through belief. You also have an imagination, use it to create the world that you desire. The more you focus on the image, the stronger it becomes. With commitment and perseverance, it doesn't take long to bring the ideal, the image into manifestation.

If you are not on Facebook, I invite you to join me at the following address:
Once you are on Facebook and my friend, I can invite you to two groups: One is called the 'Circle of Light', primarily a healing group. The new one created yesterday is called 'Ask Shirlee...Training for the Divine'. This group has active discussions where members can share what is both in their hearts and experience, ask questions and offer answers. The intent behind these two groups is to attract souls from all over the world of like mind who deeply care about life and establishing peace on earth and good will toward life. There are thousands of us who need to link our light and by doing so will create a coalition for peace and truth.
How lovely it would be to meet each of you face to face. Our light does merge in the vibration of the words shared because they are of the Language of Light, the Language of the Angels~

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