Monday, January 11, 2010

A Bright Promise?

According to the beneficial influence of Jupiter, the Nadi Predictions state that no major setbacks will happen in 2010. There will always be some problems, but overall, the energies of 2010 bring bright promise for the future. These are the predictions of South India's teaching for the New Year. All beings (animal, trees, humans) existing in this world will gain new virtues and will elevate to a higher stage in life in areas of knowledge, expenditures of money and energy and overall capabilities. The cosmic influences will help us make wiser choices, which are more productive. I chose to share these predictions because many people need hope right now. They also state that we will move out of a recession and the world will begin to return to prosperity. We need to hear and read positive statements for a change. The predictions went on to say that even people who are considered by most as evil will improve in their nasty ways.

Since the year 2012 is not that far in the distance, the predictions also state that we will have more people that are enlightened in the sense that they will be open, honest, caring, loving and united in love and desire for a firsthand connection with the Divine. People who still gravitate toward humanity's lower nature such as suffering, misery, hate, separation from the Divine will also gradually move toward an awakening.

Everyone has heard a great deal regarding predictions for 2010, particularly the Mayan predictions. What the Mayan's were talking about is the end of a life cycle. It is a leap in consciousness that is predicted, not in a moment but actually over some span of time. The Mayan predictions are very similar with the Ancient Egyptian culture, which predicted the exact same thing. They did not predict THE END, but AN END. The Mayans and Egyptians knew more about life than we do now because we are all wrapped up in technology in at least the western world. The Mayans understood that all the cycles converge and begin a new on that date. The leap of consciousness predicted will expand over a period of 200-300 years. It is the beginning of another cycle and we will find ourselves changing on every level of our being. The date does have significance in the realm of consciousness.

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