Friday, January 8, 2010

What Will Happen in the Days Ahead?

The typical answer is the truth that we are the ones who shape tomorrow. But...there is something a little different that is also happening. The unseen will become seen through souls of like-mind such as the Circle of Light Group, a new Facebook group I am presently forming named "Ask Shirlee..." and similar gatherings all over the planet. The Circle ever widens. Good change begins slowly. During the coming year, it will suddenly grow in leaps and bounds because souls are ready for an opening, a place of hope and a space of love. Souls are tired of pretending that the physical body and personality is the end all of life. They desire to know and feel their true identity, understand real truth and stop the lies that come with being duped by many in power. They will desire to be spiritual beings removing the falseness, the costume, the lies and betrayal that has separated them for thousands of lifetimes from the Source of their inner light. This is the beginning of the return of Light consciously, visibly and tangibly as the most precious commodity that can be experienced firsthand by any soul whether in the body or out of it.

the divine revelations for 2010 from Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati are considered an interdimensional gift from the 'other side'. 2010 is the year numerologically ruled by the number three. 2+0+1+0 Three is the number ruled by the planet Jupiter referred to as Guru in Sanskrit. 2010 will be successful for those who believe in God and the Divine. The nunmber three will help all people and even create interest in what is the real truth even for those who do not have a current interest. For sincere seekers, it will surely be an excellent year.

More on this subject Monday.
Have a great weekend...

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