Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010, the Interim

As more people develop discernment in the spiritual area, they will seek out simplicity, truth, authenticity and other people whose conscious experience is directly connected to the Source. As our discernment expands, self-esteem will be enhanced. There is a vast difference between the knowledge gained through books and the inner intuitive wisdom remembered. The desire for authenticity is already taking shape in many areas of life. I see the year 2010 as the interim period, a transition process not only for spirituality but also the beginning of a higher view embracing every aspect of life. Souls from all walks of life will find ways to make their voices heard and be able to express what they feel without fear.

Those who are already awakened as well as individuals beginning to discover higher possibilities have not had any form of coalition. There has been and is a small organization here and there expressing these desires, but soon something will occur that unites all of us who desire the same thing...truth, balance, compassion, unconditional love, fairness and kindness. The inner desires materialize through cooperation, sincerity and a genuine concern for each other and life. The new energy, which is really ancient, is surfacing as an attitude of respect toward Nature and nurturing life in all of its various forms. A complete trust in a higher Power that is usually unseen except by those with awakened spiritual senses will make an appearance in the common man.

The choice always is ours. Matter, if handled correctly, is actually a playground for the expression of the Divine Idea. This is a fact that mankind normally overlooks. My intent is to help you remember what once was and will now again be. I acknowledge your personal effort to consciously evolve with me and live the Divine expression as a reality right now.

May the spirit of truth touch you in all ways~


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