Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You Are Worthy

For the most part, a sense of dignity has been lost in recent civilizations. Dignity, respect for life and a greater understanding of one's purpose on the planet will slowly return. Trust me. You are worthy. Perhaps, you are one of the fortunate ones who actually accept his or her worthiness. Accepting is acknowledging and living your life knowing with a certainty that the inner part of you is the God particle, the essence. This knowledge unfolds as consciousness expands. It is time that more of us go through a deprogramming process and put false notions aside and accept the spirit life within. Healing personality issues is the most challenging part of the awakening process. When the truth of your worthiness becomes believable hold onto it. Be determined to keep the image and identity honoring life as a constant. Walking willingly through the door of worthiness gives us a higher understanding as well as creates a bond with the Intuitive Voice, the Presence within. As the intimacy expands, you will discover that the eternal part of your consciousness will energize desires and choices.

This is an excellent cycle to embrace and hold onto the truth of being because we have chosen to live in a time period that I refer to as the return of the Radiant Light. The higher energy and authentic power, supreme intelligence and unconditional love of the Celestial Light for humanity are the weapons for restructuring consciousness and create the freedom we deserve. People will desire to witness the Light personally and also to use it for the good of others and not only themselves. Light is a living language, intelligence and a power of the highest order. It has the capability of creating, transforming, enlightening, healing and materializing anything that the higher thinking part of the mind can conceive and beyond. It is the Light of the Most High Realms returning that will create a space of love and wholeness.

If your sense of worthiness is weak, it is not as easy to be a conduit for the luminous Light. Many have lost hope and are depressed due to a multitude of human problems that have surfaced in these unstable times. Trust me. You can survive on every level if you trust and fully accept the power and presence within and be patient as you go through various stages of understanding and growth. Resistance will retard the evolution of the soul. Stay on the path of worthiness and it won't take long for the unknown to become a Known reality, a constant Presence, in every day life. At the moment, the numbers who witness and work with Celestial Light as a vehicle of love are minimal compared to the billions of souls who are embodied on planet earth. At the same time, souls are being born into the flesh that understand what is being spiritually shared as well as the many who have kept observant and silent for so long. They are now giving voice to the knowing in their heart. You are one of them.

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