Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sudden Devastation and Destruction

Disasters are of the soul, not assumed mistakes. Not only are there cycles that manifest as earth changes, there are cycles of change for souls existing in particular places on the earth and more importantly in particularly places in the soul. This is difficult to fully grasp when observing the harm and death of loved ones, material structures collapsing, nothing left but decay and dust. This is not by accident. It is a natural means to cleanse groups of souls as well as the Earth herself. Every action has a reaction. The action could have easily occurred centuries ago in the distant past but, eventually balance returns. The return can be sudden, unexpected and catastrophic for thousands of souls.

It is heart rendering to see or hear about any form of suffering. As this is being written, tears are rapidly falling down my cheeks. It is not only those of us who have a compassionate heart who cry in disbelief, the beings in the subtle worlds feel the pain as well. Until the soul acquires a level of sanctity, of purification, disasters of many different sorts will continue to appear in human life. Yes, it is very harsh but sadly enough it is the only way guilt ridden souls seem to learn that they are not on the path of spirit but only following the path of the ego personality.

You must wonder and question why so many souls are often involved. How can all the victims be processing old karma? This is exactly what is happening. The Law of Cause and Effect will at the appropriate moment balance old actions that the souls themselves have created. Are there any souls who are innocent? Usually not. What appears as innocence often does not tell the story of the soul. The story of the soul is a tapestry that the soul itself has woven, not the spirit. The spirit is the god particle, god essence and this fragment observes. It does not fully function in a humans physical, emotional and mental life until it has progressed a sufficient distance in its evolution as radiant light living in matter. The weaker the vibration of the light, the greater possibility for pain. You may argue and say that good people experience pain as well. This is sadly true. I am not implying that catastrophes or unpleasant experiences are the result of bad people and their actions. There is no good or bad in spirit. The good and bad is of the ego-personality making mistakes through selfishness, cruelty and unkindness. Greed is holding reign as a vibratory influence in many places. It is the cruelty of a greedy, fear driven, power hungry vibration which causes a final disturbance to purify and stabilize the space. Universal Law acts as an imputus, a reaction bringing into manifestation a balance through human and material loss. Balance begins its reactive energy through death, disease, earthquakes, war and other unnecessary circumstances.

Now, do not make the mistake of ever saying to your self that a person must have been really bad to experience such devastation. If you feel and think that thought, you place your self in the category of being spiritually ignorant and lacking heart. It is the person's soul on a very deep level, a level that they usually are not consciously aware of that has attracted despair, loss and horrorendous happenings. It is a nasty form of guilt and self-punishment. What station in life that is held at the moment of horror may or may not have significance. There is no God creating these tragedies; it is the soul who punishes itself as not being worthy. Compassion and prayers are always needed for those who has missed the mark and are struggling to return to the grace of the light and love of the individual spirit and the Supreme Creator. The beloved essence within patiently waits for the soul to awaken, thus redeeming itself once again. For those who accept the law of rebirth and the evolution of the soul striving to merge with its God part, these words are understood. We are our own judge, jury and decide the sentence.

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