Friday, January 22, 2010

Something About Nothing

To get attention, do what you came here to do. Why get attention in the first place? The type of attention I am referring to is drawing others to you because you are actually doing something visibly and tangibly in the area of consciousness and not wasting time wallowing in nothing. To be happy do what you came into form to do. To gain a lasting happiness do what your soul desires. This doing is the real something and most of human activity can be described as doing nothing. You will find that I can be very blunt at times and if you are sensitive and feel the words are too harsh then these sharing are not for you. You will have to struggle a little bit more, continue to be confused and feel weary with the human trip and then one day you will say to yourself, "Stop!". What needs to be stopped is an activity coupled with vacant thoughts that have to do with nothing. Okay, what is something? Something is finally catching on to who you really are, embracing the inner Self and living life as it was intended to be.

Life was not intended to be a clumsy experiment or a series of mishaps and sorrow. Human life was visualized as an ideal of unity, creativity, beauty, respect, genuine love and laughter. How often do you laugh? Do you respect all forms of life, which also include the various religions, color of skin, level of education and question the many judgments and conditioning held on every subject imaginable? Laughter is needed. When you look at your role as an actor trying out one role after another in the hope that finally one day a role will really fit the inner you, you know exactly what I am talking about.

We can intellectually state that the spirit and soul are in harmony with the ego-personality and the body. That is the intellect talking. The only way that you will have proof of integration, blending of the subtle energies of Light with matter is when the subtle energies of body, mind, soul are spiritualized by spirit. How do you do that? You go into training. Training requires a belief, a commitment, a discipline that persevere. Training requires trust and determination. Keep moving to this rhythm and you will have one proof after another that you are definitely in step and that you are uniting matter and spirit according to the Divine Plan.

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