Thursday, January 21, 2010

Are You a Master?

There are people, souls, right now on the planet who have been masters and amazing ones in previous life experiences. Why are they suffering in one area or another at the present time? Shouldn't one who is God Realized be free of suffering? The suffering is not a soul suffering or inner higher Self suffering. It is a suffering in the heart and mind because they know what Reality Is and it is painful to watch brothers and sisters suffer in the human sense, the lower nature. Suffering has different connotations according to one's level of inner understanding. One suffers when one loves and has a compassionate heart. Why? It is unpleasant to observe the spirit in one's fellow creatures be stifled and experience lack and limitation in any area of life. When one reaches a level of self-mastery, one embraces the Whole. This means that the spirit is so completely connected to life regardless of form or non form that the observer feels the emptiness of another who has not yet consciously reached that plateau in understanding and freedom.

A true master feels. I know that many teach to be detached and observe. I have taught that as well. Right now in this cyclic change it is not easy to simply be detached because we realize the stakes. What are the stakes? This is a time for a grand leap in consciousness for the many and not only the few as it has been in the last 5,000 yrs and more. It is a time of renewal. Great strides can be taken if we remain centered and not thrown off by confusion, manipulation, falsity and all the other dark energy that feed disorder, imbalances and forgetfulness.

Suffering is also watching others who have a brightness fall in despair. The confused have forgotten not realizing that within them is the same fount of wisdom, love, light and freedom as one who has consciously recognized, accepted and lives from a point of strength and inner power. There are souls right now who are caught as if in a net. They are distracted and have forgotten who they really are because the pressure from darkness and spiritual ignorance has been accelerated due to the influx of Radiant Light. It is similar to a scale. When the Good begins to make Its mark, the opposite energy is determine to regain control. Ask your self what is most important to you? Your answer will determine your reaction to observing or participating in any form of suffering. Do not belittle who you are. Love your Self and you will quickly return to the safety net of cosmic consciousness, the One Power, the One Wisdom and the One Presence. There are many definitions for mastery. This is only one of them. Again, be gentle. Simply love and know that you are divine.

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