Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are You Waiting for a Future Event?

This may seem to be an unusual subject to discuss. It is necessary. You are probably waiting for something good to happen. This is what you must ask yourself. Am I only waiting? I have written about the subject of waiting before and have always suggested don't wait. Why not? You are in the moment right now when everything desired can actually materialize. This is true for everyone regardless of what wrung of the ladder they judge they have landed on. It has nothing to do with appearance, station in life, family members, vocation or even personal desires. What most souls do not realize is that the very fact they exist in a physical body in this moment is enough reason that they do not have to wait for Goodness to come or the experience of God realization to hit them.

Do you follow what I am saying? If everyone continues with an attitude of waiting for some grand person or grand event to occur, they will never get anywhere. They will create limitation in an area where they cannot actually be anything that their soul truly desires. What is being stressed is don't assume tomorrow, the next month, years or ten years from this moment to provide what you desire in your heart. Know that anything is accessible in this very moment. The fact is emphasized because everything in human understanding, space/time, is accelerated during this cycle of change. You will have a physical life that is basically over if you do not act now.

You act by first accepting that you are a soul on a mission. That mission is to be wide awake as a spirit in form. When you are wide awake and you accept your higher Nature as the genuine and lasting Nature, you will automatically attract the people, goods, environment and experiences that will move you forward. If you continue with the mind set that tomorrow it will be better, it eventually will but, why wait to the future? Do you understand the mindset that is required? Today is yesterdays future. Do you actually have what your soul desires most of all? Probably not. Until you get this straight in your head you will be always waiting. I will repeat again how this works. If you fully accept these words that you have a sublime purpose, a higher reason to live a human existence and decide to live it now instead of waiting for a nebulous future, you will have the help of luminous beings who bring what is actually needed and what is required for your next step. This happens through intuitive thought energy planted in the minds of receptive people, visible and invisible, who will gladly come and assist you. Thoughts will also be planted in your mind that will be so clear that you will understand and actually do something about the suggestions. Anyone with pure intent will be helped in far more magical ways then they could dream of. Try it.

Who hasn't been waiting? Everybody is waiting. Be clear on what it is that your heart would enjoy and send that power thought out to the universe allowing good souls, angels, whatever you feel comfortable calling guides to assist you in manifesting inner desires right now.

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