Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There is Time to Heal

What do I mean by there is time to heal? Heal from what? Heal from being an ego-personality who tries to jeopardize the evolution of the soul. There is always time even in your very busy schedule. In fact, it is more important to stop and love your self and your journey than all the other things that you get involved with.
The journey has taken you to many places, depths and heights, but it has made progress although you may judge otherwise. That is someone else to remove...the judge. The judge, you, gets in the way of your soul's path. It is an obstacle that must be removed.

Everyone is presented with challenges to push their soul growth along its merry path. The problem is that most of the time the steps taken, the experiences, the ups and downs of the trip are not what you think of as merry. Well, I may seem a wee bit frivolous in the way that I am expressing these thoughts but they are feelings that you and I have entertained and frequently have been temporarily crushed by. It is time to really love your real Self and pay tribute to the noble light that resides within you. It is trying so hard to lead you on a path that is not covered with thorns. What do you do? You make it a problem because you don't think anything can be that easy. Well, it can. Stop playing games with who you are. Stop thinking and believing that you are the personality. Rubbish! You are this divine being who has been trapped in a flesh body that resists happiness. Yes, you actually resist happiness and take everything too seriously.

Why not put the facade aside and just be you? Why not? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. In fact, you have a world, a universe of wisdom, at your fingertips and it is usually ignored. Why do you ignore it? Why do you punish yourself and pretend that you are something that you are not? Start thinking. Start remembering. Start loving yourself and stop the nonsense that follows you around like waste material. To live in the flesh and not enjoy it fully because you are blind and deaf to your real identity as spirit in form is a wasted life. Think deeply, feel strongly and also do something right now about it. Make a decision to be who you really are or fall by the wayside.

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