Monday, January 18, 2010

You Have a Surprise Coming...

What if a higher Voice, an intuitive inner voice, said to you, 'You have a surprise coming and the surprise is a good one'. Would you believe in that gentle voice. Or, would you judge that it must be wishful thinking, creating a feeling so you do not despair? During this current cycle of newness, for that is surely what it is, many good surprises will be arriving on your doorstep. You may wonder, how can this be... the world appears as if it is falling a part. The first step is to discipline your mind into not paying attention to the world scene or your personal disorder in the way that you used to.

Something is happening that is of a good nature, a good vibration to those who love truth, life and God. What about the people who do not respect life and our greedy and unkind? There is good coming to them as well but they will not recognize it because it is wearing another face a face that is not familiar to them. Light, the Divine, Goodness arrives on one's doorstep in ways that you do not expect or necessarily understand. What I am attemptimg to state as clearly as possible is that regardless of your financial, physical, spiritual or social situation, there is good coming. To receive this Good, the higher energy of love for that is what it surely is, you must be expectant and filled with hope and gratitude. It is coming when you least expect it and suddenly! All you need to do is trust and believe in these words for they are true, more true than you can consciously grasp at the moment.

I am speaking to my self and to those who read this blog or whatever form I choose to present it to readers. Goodness is coming, healing is coming, help is coming and a long awaited change of simplicity, kindness and real love is coming. Abundance appears to those who open their hearts to a higher possibility then what they see with the physical eyes. So be ready. be prepared and trust for you are never forgotten. There are many luminous beings who will be helping those who love those who respect and care and honor life. Allow them into your heart and hearth for they are here for you now. It is now dear friends of the Light that we all must take the next step into an aliveness that is real and embraces nature and all life.

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