Thursday, February 7, 2008

Riding the Wave

There is a great deal of buzz regarding the subject of new wave energy. Solar, wind, ocean tides, heat, electricity, computing and light panels are some of the popular areas creating excitement. What about the new wave of Celestial Energy that has already begun to touch prepared souls on earth? The wave of Energy that comes to us from outside our solar system is part of one of the many cycle manifestations that earth and Her life experience periodically.

The power of the spiritual energy is experienced as a positive, revealing, healing and uplifting frequency. It is both tangible and visible. It appears and is felt and seen by individuals who have discarded a slave consciousness. The individual chooses not to participate in a prison world, a dumping ground, where balance, understanding, truth, inner beauty, unconditional love and light are ignored. The majority of people on earth still refuse the presence of the Light. They do not grasp the importance in creating and sustaining a state of mind where they can communicate with the truth of their higher identity as spirit. A realization of a greater Source behind the appearance world is incorrectly understood or denied.

The Celestial Light, sometimes called the Holy Spirit or Blue Diamond Light, is for anyone who has prepared personal consciousness and is ready to claim his or her own spirit identity and the higher identity of others. To receive and use the energy of this cyclic wave of the Divine, the receiver must know how to put it into action and raise personal and planetary vibrations to another octave. We could place a huge kettle upside down on everyone's head and bang on it with a spoon yelling, "Wake Up!" Or, we can fully prepare our own nervous system and energy in such a way that we can personally demonstrate what it is like to be a divine spark of light in the flesh. When we make a difference, we have the capacity to heal humanity.

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