Tuesday, November 29, 2011


MY ROLE Humanity is suffering from a severe spiritual identity crisis. My role as a successful healer of body, mind and soul is to suggest firsthand methods to seekers who are ready for an authentic and lasting feeling of Now. Experiences are not permanent. My intention is to assist you in reaching a state of 'being' that simply Is. YOUR ROLE You are far grander than you let on. You are far grander than what you currently accept as your reality. It is your responsibility to open your mind and heart and make a persistent effort to wipe away all falsity. To move forward may require being an outlaw and going outside your thinking mind without the baggage of conditioning. SHIFT Light is expanding. Do you feel it? A positive shift is taking place. Social networking and the endless possibilities born out of scientific discoveries are working toward self and social evolution. Souls who fully understand are now speaking with one voice, a voice that is open to multidimensional awareness as a divine being. OUR ROLE The spirit within must be set free. It is the real you. Accept it as your true identity and you will be liberated from fear, lack, limitation and suffering. Be joyful! You are not separated from the Source. Separation is a false belief. Invite your inner Beloved to be in charge. Fall in love with the real you and together, light minded souls, will lift the frequency of planet earth and all life. Love rules those who realize oneness. PERSPECTIVE As an evolving spiritual scientist striving for self-mastery, I am convinced that anything is possible. The goal is to proceed in a logical, orderly fashion and be able to verify what we share. At the same time, develop a subtle state of stillness, a higher understanding, and just stay with what is. If we remain steadfast in our realization, a permanent conscious state of awareness will actualize. I believe in our inherent love, beauty and light. As a successful healer and the wisdom gained the science of transformation is shared through writing, meditation, sound, spiritual and energy healing, sacred breath workshops and specialty classes. PURPOSE Many of the acts in the visible world are outrageous. Simultaneously, there is a radiant beauty, hope, love and light behind the scenes. We are here for the purpose of raising life to a higher level of expression. To be our true Self is to be alive in the deepest meaning of the word. The more we inspire and share with others, the more we bless ourselves. The sense of separation disappears and healing takes its place. PERSONAL POWER A new species is emerging and wholeness is the norm. The new species has a personality willing to allow the God Self to consciously live as a human, the inner and outer as one active consciousness. It is up to us to unleash the power within and use it in our own unique way. DEEPER PATH To fall in love is to be who we really are. To be who we are is beyond mere words. It is an aliveness, an energy and a consciousness that heals and inspires. It is up to us to build a bridge between the realms of spirit and the plane of matter. Inner and outer evolution are happening whether we want it or not. We are already what we are seeking. Welcome to our circle of transformation and integration. Our pure intention is to create heaven on earth. We are one! I invite you to visit my web site, facebook page and my other blog http://www.asunmessage.blogspot.com Love, Light and Laughter, Shirlee Hall

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