Monday, February 25, 2008

Emotional Patterns

Every emotion we experience immediately compels the chemistry of the body to strengthen either our life processes or our death processes. Unbalanced thought cycles, poor eating habits...anything that is out of balance creates negative future effects. What people must realize is that there does not exist an outside power who will change any effects at the request of man as long as the cause continues. Yet, countless people are asking for cure effects and they continue to act out the cause of them. Tensions cannot exist in anyone's life without permission, nor without nourishment supplied by him. Happiness and tension cannot possibly co-exist.

To make matters worse, if unforgiveness is part of the package, the negativity increases and the people involved are tied together for future experiences. A lot of our experiences are not to our liking but happen anyway. By the time we begin to awaken to the purpose of life and accept our true identity as spirit clothed in matter, it is almost too late. The ideal is to be trained or guided from the moment we project into the flesh.

Due to unfilled desires and attraction to particular geographical areas, cultures, individual souls and religions, choices are frequently made that can really mess up our ideals. For instance, perhaps you desire to project into the womb of a particular woman and her family. If there have been physical and mental imbalances in the chosen family tree, you will likely have them as well if you become a family member. If you are spiritually educated and strong enough, you can override the negative mental and physical tendencies of your family and ancestors through education, prayer, practice and love.

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