Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Overcoming Genetics

I overcame genetics many years ago. I was experiencing great difficulty with my eye sight. After an exam with an othomologist, I was told that I had cataracts in both of my eyes. Since I was young and surprised, I called my mother and asked her about family members who may have had cataracts. She told me that her cousin at the age of nineteen had them. This is what I mean by picking up family tendencies when we project into a history of weaknesses. What family doesn't have weaknesses? I immediately rejected the idea. A Divine Power had healed me once before in a time of need. I called on that Power again to remove the veil growing across my eyes. With confidence and prayer, I surrendered the weakness to a Greater Strength.

A soul may not analize all the possibilities before it projects into matter. Ideally, we would prefer that the family line be of good stock. A desire to reunite or experience the energy of a particular family is usually the propelling force.

We sculpture ourselves in our own image. We were not created to look as we look. From the moment we are born, our human nature and character begin to impress its individuality upon the physical body. Every one of us makes our own destiny. We are either the master of our body or it masters us. We naturally inherit all that God has to give. It is a shame so many people trash the body and the mind. The real difference between all of us is a difference in desire. Desire is always followed by will and effort. Every person who has ever become great becomes so because of desire, planning and making an effort to become so.

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