Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Using the Mind

I used my mind correctly and the cataracts were instantly healed. It must be remembered that desire of Mind is the sole source of universal energy. Whatever destiny you plan for yourself that destiny can be reached if your desire to reach it is strong enough. No one's influence can make you great. You alone control your destiny. How many people utterly fail because of blaming other conditions and circumstances for their failures? In contrast, every individual who knows his or her destiny knows also that it will be reached.

What if a person doesn't consciously know his destiny? To be spirit living free in form is the answer according to my understanding. To be our original perfection in the flesh is our purpose. In other words, our responsibility is to bring a 'heaven' consciousness into the human personality, the higher Nature into the lower nature. The major problem on earth is that few know and fewer still resist accepting the true identity as intelligent Light in form.

Never say, "I cannot do something because I do not know how to do it". Start doing it and learn how to do it in the doing of it. A tremendous responsibility rests upon the shoulders of deep thinkers, lovers of light and truth. The responsibility is in remembering that the cause of all life's problems lies inside of us. Humans need to learn the ways of Nature and of man's relation to Nature.

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