Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cause impacting your Future

It has been tragically unfortunate that man has been consciously ignorant of the doors of CAUSE. It is our creating negative'cause' that has made God's ways and processes eternally enduring and looked only upon their visible effect with covetous eyes. Look to Cause in order to find humanities present fast decaying world. Our world cannot possibly hold together as a cohesive civilization unless humanity changes and lifts its mind and reverses its ways.

The basic answer to all human troubles lies in the one fact that man's way of life has been a constant violation of the One Universal Law, which demands that all transactions in nature must be balanced and equal in their interchange. Action and reaction must balance. Imbalances affect the seed pattern and it takes several generations to normalize.

The problems that happen to some souls were created in mind misthinking somewhere along the way. True relief will not come until they create a new pattern and discard the set pattern that they themselves set in motion. This sounds harsh and is not only my opinion. It is truth. A change in consciousness can help someone who has repetitive negative happenings in his or her life. wary of the patterns you are creating right now because they will be in your future.

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Sosefo "Life is life" said...

Yet in the Bible it says God created man in his image, he created the creator, therefore because of his life. Sosefo Life is Life