Friday, February 29, 2008

Exhausting Karma

Many years ago, I met a woman in her sixties who was severely injured when she was seventeen and living on a farm. The injury was in her spine. Yet, she married and had four children. She lived every day in pain rather than have surgery and perhaps end up in a wheelchair. This was her choice. The day I met her, I knew that the effect of a very old cause was played out. Karma, guilt, judging one's self will eventually exhaust itself at a certain point of balance. She had achieved inner understanding and forgiveness of self although she consciously had no clue of her previous act of harm against another person.

This is how the balancing act works. We carry in our soul a database of countless memories that bridge thousands of years. If a human does not understand that the cause of a problem can be exhausted, suffering on different levels will continue. The proof of my understanding is in the endless stream of physical, emotional and mental healings experienced by humans all over the world. This also explains why many people are not healed.

Remember, there is only one Mind but many levels of understanding. Because of a lack in understanding nature and universal principles, imbalances eventually appear for the purpose of correcting the individual consciousness. When consciousness is enlightened, healings visibly and tangibly manifest. I was given a vision of the cause of her long years of ongoing suffering. I shared the vision informing her that the cause was exhausted. The message was to forgive self, accept and honor the body and be whole again. As the result of her trust and faith in the message and forgiving her self, she was completely healed. My friend has been without pain and mobile for 103 years. She is a gracious, humble, beautiful and a very thankful soul.

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