Friday, February 22, 2008

Forgetfulness of Reality

What if an individual respects life, is free of negative habits, has attained high moral character and deeply loves the Divine and still experiences horrendous challenges? How is that soul attracting lack, limitation, suffering or disease? This is a question many people ask. We need more truth, light and knowledge on this planet in the area of understanding Principle. Because real understanding is lacking, an individual may feel bewilderment, betrayal and judge that there is no God or if there is, God does not love him. This feeling is extremely painful.

The average human does not realize that a descending soul may choose a particular body, family, disability or limitation to test his power of faith and knowing and to expand his awareness and compassion for others. A disabled body can house a very advanced soul who deliberately entered a horrendous physical situation or environment to teach his parents compassion and patience. How can any one judge another? Judging by appearance is not the whole picture.

It is very painful to watch anyone suffer. There are souls whose pain mentally, emotionally and physically is nonstop. Some souls choose a path of suffering for higher education purposes and soul progression. Others choose because they feel guilty and it is a way to punish themselves. The soul has a clearer understanding of desire, cause and effect when it vacates the physical body. The sad part of the journey is that the soul for the most part forgets Reality when it enters matter. If the soul consciously remembered and was truly aware of the higher purpose of life, balance and eventual maturity through self-mastery while in the body, life would be embraced and lived differently.

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