Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cause & Effect

Financial, domestic, social and other troubles do not come to us, we draw them to us for reasons sometimes known and frequently for reasons unknown. Likewise, health troubles do not come to inflict us. We inflict them a good part of the time upon ourselves through lack of a higher knowledge. For instance, a beautiful, harmonious thought will cause the life-giving chemistry to vitalize the body, while an angry thought will immediately reverse the chemical workings of the body to the chemistry of decay and death. How many people consciously think about this fact? Our own decisions create the effects. It is my opinion that we must have higher knowledge to back our decisions by right actions.

Right intent will not save us from the effect of the wrong actions. When we are ignorant on how to live in a balanced way, we develop toxins. Toxins increase as tensions increase. All effects reach back to causes. If the causes are not balanced and loving and based on true knowledge, there is a strong likelihood the body and brain will deteriorate. What I don't appreciate is when a person believes in reincarnation and judges another person who has a deformity, hard luck or something considered bad going on in his life as being punished for a past action. It may be true but there may also be a higher reason at the root of the appearance issue.

We don't really know the truth of what is behind the effect. This holds true for judging ourselves as well. If we do not think or understand the laws of balance and order, we create disorder and imbalance. To understand how the law works, we must put the mind's attention on what is really happening all the time. What we can do is question the source of our feeling responses. Do they come from hidden memories, outside vibrations, other people and events? Attentiveness must be an activity of the mind. Discernment is necessary to find truth.

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