Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Living your Truth

I am well aware that to really search for truth and live it is no easy path on planet earth. We have been bombarded with falsity on every level, actually duped regarding religion, education, history, medical information and science. The reason being, the soul of humankind is still evolving. We are not a done deal. Once we wake up to this fact, we must take action. Analyze and do not accept something as truth until you have investigated all angles of it. Ask for truth from the higher intuitive part of your mind and heart. It will give you truth if you are sincere and persistent.

Learn how to find your own center of truth, the Light within, while learning to deal with other people. Learn this valuable habit and you will be removed from the treadmill of mere existence and nearer to the spiritual power of Mind knowing, which provides peace and balance from life's treadmill.

Regardless of your circumstances, take the time to be consciously aware and in touch with your own spirit identity. This is your unique journey. Why not make the best of it? The human experience is a means for the individualized spirit to express itself in matter. The world becomes what we think, literally. You are an actor. What is your next role? Why not choose to play in God's magic theater as a free agent? Discard the false belief that you are separated from the Source. You are the Source on a holiday in form. Make it a conscious holiday. Enlightenment occurs in the flesh. Let us enjoy it and be wide-awake whle living in our temporary bodies. It is time to come out of the shade into the sunshine. We are the hope of the world.

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