Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Opinion on being 'lifted up'

It is wishful thinking to assume that UFO'S will swoop down and save the good guys and gals this March as some Internet 'psychic' writers claim. The human race unfolds in orderly stages. The only way anyone is lifted to the 5th dimension is through a personally evolved level of consciousness. Comprehension will come to all men, but man himself can hasten it by deeply desiring truth and by seriously seeking within himself for enlightenment through serious meditation, deep thinking, prayer and action. A huge factor in a soul's advancement is to fall in love with the Divine. The kind of change people are asking for is accelerated through the feeling nature.

To comprehend the Infinite, a faculty must be developed that is superior to reason by entering into a state in which you are your finite-lower nature no longer. In other words, the divine essence is communicated to you, as you. The ideal is to see beyond temporary appearances and conditions and be cognizant of your spirit identity. Your thinking part of the mind is then liberated from its finite consciousness. We have had our modern mystics such as Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, Jacob Behmen, Balzac and others. They all felt, understood that God, Supreme Spirit, the One is always not only man but in all life. We have had cosmic messengers in Leonardo Da Vinci, Whitman, Mozart, Liszt and Chopin to name only a few.

Because collectively humanity is still in the barbaric stage, the many have always oppressed the few. This oppression continues until every man is one with the Source and knows that he is.
Fortunately, we are living in an age where more Light will be evidenced.

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