Monday, February 18, 2008

Symbolism of Birds

Many people have shown an interest in the swan on my behealedforever website and the mythology behind the swan and birds in general. Birds have played a large part in my spiritual journey both in matter and in spirit. Birds are often used as symbols of the angels who guard the ladder to Heaven. The language of the angels is the language of poets, Light and the Buddha's. It is the language of the awakened. It is thought that the bird or angel language was originally spoken by Osiris. Osiris, Thoth, Solomon, Jesus, St. Francis, Astarte and many others are considered bird men. They were all connected to birds and representatives of cosmic knowledge. Immense power and abundance is hidden within the language. When you learn the language of the birds/angels/Light, you know the secrets of creation. You begin to comprehend in measure the Great Invisible Spirit, who emanated from the 'eternal light' of the eons.

Did you know that swan or goose is evidently a word play for 'goost', the ancient term for the Holy Spirit? In Hindu mythology, Brahma, the Supreme Being, is depicted riding upon a goose. The Pleiades are sometimes referred to as the place of herons. The Queen's Chamber in the Egyptian pyramid is aligned to Sirius. The Egyptian gods were frequently depicted as birdmen. The Mayans called Tula the place of the herons. Heliopolis was the location of the Temple of the Phoenix (or heron), the Egyptian sun god. The savior Thoth was called a Bird Man. Ever since humans began to think in spiritual terms, birds have symbolized spiritual states, angels and higher forms of being. Cave paintings from Lascaux, France show bird men demonstrating the soul-flight or the spirit-flight of the shaman. Statuettes from Yugoslavia dated to 5300 feature the Bird-and-Snake Goddess.

In Greek, the word for bird is a synonym for messages from Heaven. In Taoism, birds carry the same meaning, while the Immortals take on the shapes of birds to signify their 'lightness' and their freedom from earthly 'heaviness'. In the beginning, according to the Old Testament, the Spirit of God was hovering (bird-like) upon the face of the waters. A dove brought Noah the message of peace. Elijah had his raven who brought him bread. Jesus, the spirit of God as a dove alighted on him. Jesus is called the phoenix or birdman. It is a language of deep knowledge. The language of the Birds is circular and holographic. It is like a magic ring. Bird Land was reached by crossing the waters of immortality. The purpose of our soul journey is to be transformed into the energy of a bird. It behooves all of us to look into the symbolism of birds when they appear in our life.

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