Saturday, February 16, 2008

In answer to your question- Son of God

John Chapter 16

Verse 26 is perhaps one of the most significant verses in the Bible, for Jesus here tells followers that when they have reached the SUN STATE they will be in accordance to the Cosmic plan. The man is the Sun or Light of God manifesting in man. The kingdom of heaven is the symbol of the Sun. The new birth is into the Sun State,fully in the Light, one with God. Few Jews could read Hebrew. The language was Aramaic. Substituting the word Son for Sun changed the true meaning. Jesus is one with the Source-Father-Mother and came here to earth with the consciousness of the Sun, the radiating and luminous Light, the spirit of truth. One who knows the truth knows the Law. The awakening to full understanding of truth will give the one who gains it power to see the alpha and omega of all things, and all that lies between. Jesus stated we all could consciously and effectively be suns if we followed the path he lived.

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I love the depth and relevance of your comment. I like your depth of spirit. Sosefo "Life is Life"