Friday, February 15, 2008

Loftier Perspective

When seeking answers to the energy that keeps our physical body alive, we realize the fact that we are a projection or portion of a Divine Intelligence. As a spirit in form, our responsibility is to accept our spirit identity and meet the challenge of this rapidly moving age of technology, learning to control and develop the energies of our soul and mind. Through the act of trying, we will radiate clearly the higher lasting part of our true identity.

We are both the knower of the divine and the deluder. In many ways, we appear to be bi-polar. The choices we make obviously determine our consciousness. The collective soul of humans is unbalanced. Although there is only one Mind, very few people think or use the higher part of it...the Divine Mind. We departmentalize it. The average person reacts from the influences of the subconscious data bank.
The one Mind is either at rest or is in action, which means thinking. When we sleep our intellignece is wide-awake.

Even though collectively we are in the barbaric stage of soul development, there are many thousands of individuals who have developed the inner vision, inner hearing and inner knowing...the spirit senses. These are the souls who will 'save' the life on the planet and the planet herself. The numbers must increase. Strive to be a deep thinker. Robotic thinking will not lead us in the direction of balance and peace.

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