Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More physical history

Long ago, I asked why are there so many cultures with myths of human-like gods that came out of the heavens to create, destroy and recreate humans? I discovered that creation, matter, is a concretized cosmic energy. Clues are found in mythology regarding a race of giants/heroes who ruled over primitive humanity. The existing humans thought of them as gods. The mass consciousness today probably would think likewise if beings landed from out of nowhere who had superior technology or wisdom or both than you do? In tablets and carvings they were described as human in appearance and supposedly came from a far distant planet.

The new creation had the intelligence to eventually evolve into enlightened beings. Sadly enough, the enlightenment journey is taking an unusually long time to manifest. Gradually, bits and pieces of our physical history are being exposed. From the records that are now being published it appears that there is a biological evolution but the records stating extra-terrestrial mating of the fair daughters of the earth described in Genesis has interestingly enough been ignored.

Looking back at our physical evolution, it is indeed a miraculous unfolding. Since the time when the physical body was perfected, its maintenance was determined through the thinking we either bring to health, wealth and happiness into being...or the opposite. We make ourselves what we are by what we think and do. Our polarity, vitality, joy is an attitude of Mind which multiplies the life principle in us and keeps our body charged with proper balanced vibrations. The balanced vibrations immunize the body from the chemistry of the death processes, which await our violation of life's process.

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Sosefo "Life is life" said...

The Earth is a laboratory or cohabits creation and evolution. Man was created as a volitional being, evolutionary. He learns by experience. Sosefo "Life is Life"