Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ancient Peoples

I have always loved to research ancient peoples. Ever since I can remember, flashbacks of different periods of history and the colorful events that covered the cultures have come to me in a form of a vision. The visions would prompt me to investigate known knowledge. Of course, knowledge is not the same as wisdom but it provides clues to the past, present and future. Ancient peoples believed in gods of flesh and blood who had descended to earth from the heavens and could with their advance technology soar heavenwords. The writings of the ancient near east also clearly speak of a planet from which these gods had come. Fascinating! Education, stretching the thinking part of us is demanded if we are to achieve a greater understanding of our identity on all levels.

There is also growing scientific evidence from the Babylonian and Celtic cultures that primitive earthman had physical evolutionary assistance. This new coupling mixed the DNA and created a race of intelligent beings much faster than if the earth's evolutionary process was left untouched. The beings colonized a civilization in Sumer, which flourished suddenly 6,000 years ago without a known precursor.

Life from evidence discovered has had more than one beginning on this planet. If you have a desire to explore this subject, there already exist thousands of ancient Sumerian tablets which contain detailed knowledge of all the planets in the solar system, their understanding of the precession of the equinoxes, and a deep science of complex medical procedures.

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