Monday, February 11, 2008

Simplifying Physical Evolution

From research, I have discovered that the first stage was the primate, unmoral, instinctively controlled period of mere body issues and fighting for survival.
A human-like intelligence has been found that lived 880,000 years ago. Solid evidence is now indicating that earth and its life intermittently go through cycles of light and darkness. As I studied further, written records revealed that there once was a perfect Adamic race and it was intercepted and limited by fallen angels. Lesser brotherhoods have interfered with the evolution of man according to the Bible, the Book of Enoch, the Vedic teachings and innumerable tablets and scrolls.

There are also scriptural records of wars that have occured in the invisible lower heaven worlds. In Genesis, a rebel group called the Nephilim is mentioned as beings that descended to earth and mated with the existing primitive females creating offspring. Ancient writings claim that these visitors who came from the sky made man in their image. If this is truth, then who created the intelligent beings that landed and manipulated the DNA of the life forms creating a more advanced specie than if it had occured naturally?

In other words, primitive life was upgraded. there are records that state these upgrades have been made more than once. It is also mentioned that advanced spiritual Brothers of Light also descend and incarnate in man to help in humanity's reprogramming, regeneration and eventual resurrection. Something to think about...

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