Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Purpose of Life

From my understanding, which is fully supported by mystics and masters, is that we are here on earth to bring spirit into matter, light into ignorance, which some people call darkness. We are programmed to achieve self-mastery. This is easier said than done. To do our job right, we must have laid a solid foundation that is supported by clarity and understanding, love and wisdom. What is it that we need to understand? We need to seek balance and identify and recognize, accept and be the higher Nature while entrapped in the flesh and ruled for the most part by the lower nature.

Because the collectivity does not recognize the truth of its own nature, spirit temporarily using form, we are basically captive in our own creation. When the thinking mind is deluded, illusion is in charge. We accept falsity, conditioning, lack, limitation and harmful judgments as our reality. We create nonsense and experience fear and a sense of separation from our Divine Source because we have forgotten the reality left behind. So, how do we move from a straight line to a curve? How do we awaken from a deadening slumber to an awakened state of mind? How do we stop being robotic and behaving like sheep? We must understand the balancing act and how to walk the talk.

In the days ahead, I will simply express not only what I have discovered but what works to make a soul feel free again. There is nothing really new. We probably have heard, read or experienced almost every possibility at one time or another. What is really needed is a nudge in the right direction so we stay with it. Even though a human may not yet realize the truth that everyone has the same reason for being here in the flesh as well as the same assignment, the memory has to be jogged once in awhile. Why drag on the process of remembering? Why continue to suffer? Why don't we simply be who we really are and get on with it?

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