Monday, February 4, 2008

Viewing the Past

Many people experience conscious links with a long ago past. In this reference, I mean past life experiences. Either through momentary visions or a distinctive Voice whispering a message to us, we have recall of other countries, personalities or relationships. The aforementioned are threads of the tapestry we weave that we call our soul.

In my own case, a few of the vivid memories include the ancient city of Heliopolis in Egypt and one of the later periods of the Amenhotep family. Crete, old Greece, the temple at Angkor Vat in Cambodia, Easter Island, Jerusalem and Southern France particularly stand out as periods of growth that molded my soul into its present awareness. I am also shown the gender and the role I played. To my way of thinking, there is no real purpose in sharing details with others because any importance lies in who we are now and what we do with the knowledge we have gained.

The beauty in past life recall is that we can if we choose, draw the strengths of character and the powers of knowledge and creativity into our current life and use them for good. We are the sum total right now of everything we have ever thought, felt and done whether it occurred in the visible vibrations of matter or in the invisible worlds of light. Everything is hidden within. Our challenge is to unveil it. When we understand who we are, we can with confidence extract what is needed from the past and use it knowingly in the present. The secret is in the discovery and use of our own amazing consciousness.

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Sosefo "Life is life" said...

This concept of seeing our soul as a bank of memory and knowledge and I like fun. I think we also have the opportunity to tap into the universal soul through the spirit that lives in us? What do you think? Sosefo "Life is Life"