Saturday, February 2, 2008

So Thankful!

As my daily awareness of God's love and presence increases, I am thankful beyond any mere words. I know how much we are loved and how precious our lives are. The joy of the presence of holiness is beyond human expectations. So many of us have forgotten who we really are. This is so sad. We become immersed in matter and forget that we are spirit temporarily using a material form. Isn't this just like Madonna's song, "I am just a material girl living a material life"?

One morning, I suddenly woke up to another reality, a reality that is true, loving, compassionate, wise, understanding, unlimited and forgiving. Each new day I rediscover who I am and the infinite possibilities that are waiting for all of us to embrace and use.
I believe that we are all one glorious energy, meaning we are like luminous sparks of light projecting from the one Great Light, our true Father and Mother Creator. It is up to us to remember and rekindle the spark and light the way. I love nature. She provides everything. When this overwhelmming attitude of gratefulness sweeps through our minds and hearts, we embrace all of nature, every form She takes.

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Sosefo "Life is life" said...

I agree with you, the happiness that goes beyond the meaning of words. My awakening happened gradually over a lifetime. The results are identical, you speak the same language as me. Sosefo "Life is Life"