Saturday, February 2, 2008


Yes, I felt and began to look like an entirely different person. It all happened around this time period of the year. It felt as if a powerful yet loving force had entered my energy, an energy that was far wiser than my personality and behavior. My husband said, "You are a different person". I had not told him or anyone else about my being unconscious for an hour or the emergency physical problem and the subsequent healing. I had kept it all secret and decided to do the same with the differences I could feel in my mind and energy.

Having felt God's love for the first time in my life, the feeling was overwhelming. Although I had been raised a Lutheran, I knew nothing about the man Jesus. Because a healing power remained with me, I began to search for answers about the meaning of life and our purpose here on earth. I wanted to understand everything that I could about the soul and the spirit and whether there was a difference and why we had them as part of our make-up. Everything changed for me, not only a healed body.

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