Monday, March 24, 2008

Benefits of breathwork and meditation

I am so pleased that some doctors, hospitals and wellness clinics have been gradually introducing meditation as part of the rehabilitation process. Hopefully, the patients will continue to use this provable and preventative method to help themselves recover health and visible wholeness. Meditation has been documented as a very effective tool for cancer patients. The benefits mentally, emotionally and physically are astounding. Visualization techniques are commonly used as well.

Before meditating, you might try a series of conscious breathing exercises to center your intention on your goal. It is an organic way of healing the self. The benefits actually release stress and tension, builds energy and endurance, contributes to emotional mastery, prevents and heals in many cases physical problems. It is similar to building a personal energy generator that will work for you if you keep it maintained. Seventy per cent of our body toxins are discharged through breathing. Meditation contributes to graceful aging. It also manages pain both emotional and physical. Another plus is that meditation enchances mental concentration, physical performance and definitely facilitates psycho-spiritual transformation.

Both consciously focusing on your breath and daily meditation are very ancient methods of healing. These ancient and priceless methods work wonders with persistence. Being personally blessed as a healing channel, I always suggest to others that they, too, with effort and love can honor the complete package they call Self, experience visions of Light, celestial beings, increase the power of intuition and be able to heal. Developing passion is necessary to assist your desire to take charge and transform. I normally advise conscious breathing, meditation, contemplation and periods of solitude. By taking charge of our lower animal nature, we can contribute and sustain our own healing through changing our thoughts, patterns, being willing to try new and proven modalities. None of the suggestions are new. People of all walks of life have been practicing them for thousands of years. It is up to you to make a decision and then exercise discipline and love towards your personality as it struggles to achieve self-mastery and freedom.

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