Friday, March 21, 2008

How to Feel Remarkable!

One of the tools given to us is the ancient science of meditation. When we pray, we talk to God. When we take time for Silence through meditation, we listen. There are many ways to accomplish the feeling of unity and peace. Walking in nature is meditation for many. The period of time you take does not have to be long although I do suggest a minimum of at least ten minutes. If you choose to meditate in your home, select a room or corner where an atmosphere of privacy can be generated and sustained. Turn off your phones. Create a holy place void of distractions. You build a power spot through repeated sessions.

Set the mood: Light a candle if you like props. Undisciplined minds wander. It is helpful to have a picture, sacred symbol, a flower or something you consider holy as your focus.
I suggest you begin with a prayer followed by a statement of your intentions. When your silent moments come to a close, offer thanks with a grateful heart. It is a huge challenge for some people to be silent. Try not and judge your progress. A series of focused breath exercises will assist you in creating ambiance and comfort in your space. Your breath is the life of God sustaining you in form. A mantra, repeated words that are meaningful to you, can be very calming. Example: 'Be Still and Know that I Am God'. The God is the projection of Light, the individualized essence of Supreme Spirit that is within you. Be gentle with your progress. If unrelated thoughts arise, return to your focus. The idea is to relax, remember and feel loved and offer love.

The threefold benefits from daily meditation are physical, mental and spiritual. The physical aspect changes metabolism, heart rate, respiration, blood pressure and brain chemistry. A sense of balance is the result. Your thinking mind and power of concentration is strengthened. Eventually, you reach the point where outside noises do not disturb you. Spiritually, you connect consciously with the sublime Light, the higher Self. You may experience waves of energy, tingling, expansion and the oneness of a glorious Presence. Time and space cease to exist. Eventually, you reach a state of mind of peace and freedom. The joy experienced in contemplation and meditation far surpass any experiences of the lower human nature.

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Yes! Silence, God speaks. Sosefo "Life is Life"