Thursday, March 20, 2008

Who is the Self?

The Self I am referring to is the Self behind the physical appearance, emotions and mind. This Self in part can be seen clairvoyantly. It is intelligent Light. There are many references in the Bible on the subject of Light. Some examples are the giving of Light through Moses, the Eternal Laws bring Light, God's Word is Light, revelation as Light and Jesus brought Light into the world. He said He came as Light. Scripture mentions a Light in the sky shone around him and that for all things condemned are exposed by the Light. The apostles told their followers that they are all children of the Light. Divine Light is a projection from the Creator, our Source. We can call on the Light for help. Everything is Light. Being 'saved' is another way of saying that an individual soul is finally enlightened. He or she is consciously aware of the spirit identity and is consciously living as Light in form.

What I know as my truth is that anything inanimate or animate has a blueprint of Light behind it. Besides seeing angels and celestial beings, sacred geometry and awe inspiring visions all my life, I daily experience the all -pervading Holy Light and am constantly learning more truths about who we are and our purpose here on the planet. Everything created is born out of the Light. The Light is created first and dense matter comes later. I witness the Light with my eyes either open or closed. This is possible because spiritual Light is seen with different senses, the spirit senses.

How do you attract more Light into your life? One proven way is to connect to your own sublime Light. Your individual Light is more than the physical body, emotions, mind-soul. It is consciousness, spirit, the true life sustaining your body of matter. When you consciously make an effort to firmly connect to the energy of your Light body, you honor your Spirit. When you remember, accept and honor the inner essence, awareness is expanded and you are given further tools to expand and lift your consciousness to greater heights of understanding and creativity.

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