Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Honor Thy Self

There are obviously big changes happening all over the world. These changes will impact lives in ways unforeseen. What can you do? Begin by deciding there is something that you can do. I suggest that if you do not already love and honor your own being, start now. A movement has already begun towards simplicity, genuis, downsizing and reinventing ourselves. There is also a genuine growing interest in spirituality. Some people are actually leaving their jobs by choice and moving to rural areas.

To understand what honoring the Self means requires deliberate changes. Nine years ago, I left my day job, social life, gave up television and monitored telephone calls. After 18 years of offering motivational talks and healing opportunities to others, I decided to give back to my Self. I did this through choosing solitude, prayer, meditation, contemplation, research and listening more closely to the Intuitive Voice. In consciousness, I moved away from the appearance world of suffering, pain, lack, fear, separation and ignoring the rights of the inner Self. In other words, I chose to leave duality as it was and is and emerge myself in non duality and unity. As I understand purpose, our assignment is to firmly connect to the infinite eternal Self. Part of this process is to be a conscious spirit intelligence who is attentive, open and exercises critical thinking. In other words, not parrot or mimic others. Instead, use the higher part of the mind, discern and see clearly.

Self awareness demands that we are grateful and appreciative of all the good that we have. It is the genuine sense of a thankful humility that assists in our self awareness and healing. I spent hours each day walking along the riverfront communicating with the wild life , water and trees. When we allow ourselves to observe, communicate and feel the rhythm of the natural life, we are at peace. In choosing to step off the world for a specific time period, I found solitude and oneness with all life. Like most women and parents, I had a long history of giving to others. It was time to give back to who I really am.

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