Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Karma, both positive and negative, eventually exhausts its self. I suggest you stop focusing on negative effects. Instead, send the effects love and release them. If you are not aware of past harmful thoughts, words and actions, ask in prayer and meditation that the past be healed and negative influences removed.

It is a good discipline to pay attention to everything you project out into the world. What you project reflects the past and creates the future. To exercise self-mastery, we must make an effort to stop old patterns that have proven to hold us back from being fully God-realized. If a thought or activity obviously works against enlightenment, remove it. Keep asking for purification. To be cleansed of harmful energy clears the way towards joy and the freedom we desire. Love your Higher Self more as well as forgiving the lower self and others. How can you really love other people and nature if you do not genuinely love your own divinity?

Make a conscious decision to live from the highest part of your mind and heart. Accept and realize that the 'front door' method is to claim your spiritual identity, embrace and live it. You will be surprised how acceptance and love of Self removes tension, negative effects and frees you from bondage. Understand the hidden truth that society is programmed by a death wish. God does not bring separation, unease, sickness and death to us, we do.

There is a quote in the Bible that states, "God is not willing for any to perish, but that all should come to a knowledge of repentance". Repentance means to change our mind. To claim our divinity is the first step. The fact that souls are being healed on every level is our proof.

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