Monday, March 17, 2008

Dare, Try and Be

Be patient with yourself as you dare, try and be. Link your mind and feeling nature to the Divine World. As the link strengthens, your connection to the All-pervading Light will offer you Higher Knowledge. Understanding and using the Higher Knowledge, you will be more likely to create positive causes and effects. This is a profound subject. It is understood by living it. Isn't it time to stop punishing your self? Understanding removes the veils and love sublime takes its place.

If you are already aware of past negative causes, they can be healed by sending a true force of love back to them and neutralizing the energy. Burn negativity through love and knowledge. You can do this even if you do not have a conscious recall of harmful deeds. Neutralize all feelings of hate, resentment, fear and greed. Ties are dissolved through recognition and forgiveness.

Transformation begins in the mind. Become a conscious shape-shifter. Anyone who exercises discipline and has a plan for spiritual growth can, with practice, consciously control and reshape life according to imagination, will and a good belief system. It is in the learning to be the true Self that future effects are controlled. It takes a certain amount of courage to do what is right. You can transform weaknesses. Be honest with your self and others. Change comes through effort. It is possible to heal negative effects lurking in the background waiting to manifest. Use the power of mind. What mind are you going to mimic? The mind of the unenlightened or Divine Mind?

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