Friday, March 14, 2008

Purifying the Unnecessary

I know through years of experience that at a certain key point of inner understanding negative karma can be purified. Karma is a mental creation. If you plant poison, poison will grow. You can experience the effects of your negative karma or purify it. The Bible says, "God is not willing for any to perish, but that all should come to a knowledge of repentance". Repentence is the science of changing the mind. Dig deep and you will reveal what needs to be changed. Meditation, contemplation and prayer will help you. The way to be free of past impressions is to learn non-attachment or higher knowledge. Knowledge is like a purifying fire.

Help does come by changing our attitude. Learn to live life consciously and deliberately and not become emotionally unbalanced when you act. I am not talking about being indifferent or non-loving. Non-attachment from matter and personalities creates freedom; attachment creates bondage. Learn to love all the things of the world, but don't become attached. Matter is temporary. Inner Self is permanent. Everything else is subject to change. Why not deliberately change your attitude?

When you truly know your own connection to Divine Mind you automatically understand the principles and laws that are useful for spiritual growth. You always have a choice. Havoc occurs when you forget you have a choice. You must actually die to the manipulations of the lower nature and be reborn consciously to your inner spirit nature. You will still be you but a much more radiant you than before. A serene mind is the master, creator and doer. Regardless of the choices you make, you will continue onwards toward your goal, which is conscious perfection and self-mastery.

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