Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Quantum Physics Thought

If we understand quantum physics, we learn that there is no ultimate cause and effect. Undoing the past means forgiveness and re-creating the present. We are the ones creating the illusion.
Everything that is not harmonious can be changed, dissolved, enhanced and enlivened when we
are aware and act upon the higher knowledge. We are responsible for our use of creative power, whether it is expressed consciously or unconsciously. Suffering may or may not be experienced if an individual is spiritually mature and practicing universal law. When our focus is on spiritual endeavors, we gradually move into a liberated spiritual energy, which ultimately leads to freedom from negative karma and worldly attachment. Since it is rare to live a life in isolation, we do need to constantly monitor our thoughts and feelings so we do not become mesmerized and entrapped in another's drama of disorder and despair.

The more we are consciously aware of our own spirit identity and live it, the closer we become to resembling our higher divine Self who does understand the illusion. Right identification will keep us from wavering and falling into a state of imbalance. We can also do whatever we can to alter a negative effect by removing our energy from any activity that violates peace of mind and happiness. This cannot always be accomplished through physical removal but a higher state of mind can be reached through a combination of compassion and detachment. If we find ourselves in situations of disorder, it is necessary to know how to manage the thinking part of our mind. We have the power to put an end to the cycle of self-perpetuating suffering. Why not prepare your mind so you can discern as well as receive truth and peace? Not to honor our inner Self is to violate and disempower its purpose and presence.

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