Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sacrifice of Spirit

It is my opinion that we can handle anything that comes up in life if we have true knowledge regarding our spirit identity and apply the knowledge gained. The higher identity is spirit-light-intelligence-beauty-truth projected temporarily into matter. Matter, emotions and mind are usually assumed to be the only self. The latter is the everyday baggage that we carry around in our normal human state. Until we awaken and rediscover Spirit, it is trapped in space-time. It is our responsibility to set it free. Entrapped spirit is the great sacrifice talked about in the ancient teachings.

The physical world manifests through desire. A higher energy, Spirit, became a living part of the creation. In the meantime, the individual projections of the One Mind forgot its origin. When sublime truth and the real identity are forgotten, harming others or ourselves is often the result. Due to forgetfulness and spiritual ignorance, negative energy is created that will eventually boomerange. Humankind has been warned. Consciousness and desire create the causes that appear in life. It will benefit us if we look at this issue and think deeply regarding personal energy and how to use it. Our current energy is creating the future. In truth, the past, present and future are happening right now. In other words, energy becomes what it thinks about. The energy that most people have forgotten is the hidden and ignored energy of the eternal Spirit, God within...the natural divinity.

If we understand quantum physics, we learn that there is no ultimatre cause and effect. Undoing the past means forgiveness and re-creating the present. We are the ones creating the illusion.

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